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Everytime I restart my server the ScreamingBedwars Plugin Deletes my game that i setup



Recently ive made a server for me and my friends to play bedwars on, while creating it i realised that i can only have 1 multiverse world and 1 normal custom world or else it would fuck up everything. It also deletes the bedwars arena ive made. Please tell me theres a way to fix this as i would like to add multiple worlds for different minigames



Ive just made an arena and and deleted my second custom world then restarted the server and it STILL DELETES THE ARENA

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28 minutes ago, Ronen said:

i dont know what are you talking about

You know how you can upload custom worlds using the /ul command? Well if I upload 2 different worlds, whenever I start the server and join a world for example:

/world ul_hub

Whenever i join a custom world I wont be able to join a different one as it will say: "This World Does not exist!"  

So I can only have one world. Please help 

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