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Skript Central - Plugin Level skripts (Read)

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Hey Minehut Players, I wanted to make a post about me and my friends new project "Skript Central" The project is targeted at minehut players due to us not being able to get plugins like AquaCore, (good) AntiCheats ect. But the only problem on your side is you will not get the premium version until you buy it. the premium version of the skripts will have License IDS that you will be given when buying the skript (So It does not get leaked) and If its leaked we can shut down that License and give you a new one. And on top of that Premium skripts will not effect your tps at all! If you are intrested please join our discord.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XQyYt6U

Note: If this is breaking the Minehut Forums rules mods please contact me and I'll take this down when I see it.

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