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  1. Hey, My name is Awel and I'm currently looking for skilled developers and server and media managers. I would love if anyone could contact me and I will test you. What I'm currently looking out of for a developer is quick and top notch work! What I'm looking for out of a manager currently is skill to get staff and lead the server when me or "Distance" (The other owner) are not there to run it. We are currently planning on getting 500 player slots when we come out and (Maybe) getting a website running at the same time. Thank you for reading and please look at the information listed below this :)
  2. Do you want a better version. That isn't the best vanish skript.
  3. 1. This type of auto clicker is so easly bypassable. And, 2. 30 Cps is legit to get, You may as well just set this to 20 cps.
  4. at 5:00: if player's gamemode is spectator tp player to 0 75 0 set gamemode of players to survival force respawn player broadcast "§4The dead have been revived!" broadcast "§1Discord here --> §2https://discord.gg/3yHzfXq" You forgot "force respawn player" that makes the player get revived. Not sure if you can do it any other way.
  5. Hey, Are you sure the server did not restart to change their name? Many servers do that and I think you will have to contact someone with console on that server. If not please contact the minehut Junior Mods so they can get you in contact with admins.
  6. What account if Minecraft please respond and I will message a minehut mod on minecraft. Hope I can help!
  7. Hey, How you get to your plugins file is by... 1. Going to the minehut server control panel 2. Click on your folders section (It is the 4th Icon). 3. Click on your folder named "Plugins" 4. Find the plugin your looking for 5. Now click on its folder and it should have a config file inside. I hope that helped. Have a great day!
  8. Hey, Would love to check our your server But, it looks like your discord account " toffee#0709 " Username was changed. I would love if you could respond to this with your new discord name!
  9. EnderSimps


    I'll work on that. It may take a while due to me working on a ac
  10. What do you mean by this like do more damage? If so it should not be hard.
  11. turns out it was simple so I just did it If you have any errors contact me :).
  12. command /cv [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]: permission: op permission message: &cNo Permission trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is set: set {created::%arg-1%} to true set {vprefix::%arg-1%} to colored arg-2 set {vcommand::%arg-1%} to arg-3 send "&aCreated %arg-1% with prefix %arg-2%" command /givev [<text>] [<player>]: permission: op permission message: &cNo Permission. trigger: if {created::%arg-1%
  13. Okay I'll work on it I'm working on other stuff with skript like anticheats so It may take a day or 2
  14. It is most likely a antibot ban. Please appeal in the appeal section :).
  15. That should be what you are looking for I can create a system for it If you want. Example you can create vouchers.
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