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Really laggy servers



So I have two free severs which are given to me by Minehut. I am using one of them and after about 30 hours of playing it is extremely laggy to a point that it is unplayable. At the beginning it lagged sometimes but not in the slightest as it is now. I live in Europe and I dont know if the servers are American but even if it was, it is still way too laggy. It is frequently the case, that everything freezes for abut 10 seconds and because of that I die, as the mobs are freezed for me but in reality they kill me. I have a really stable internet connection and every other game, minecraft as well works perfectly fine. Does anyone know, how I could fix this problem? Maybe I can buy a less laggy version or anything else? I would really appreciate help.

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There are a few ways to reduce lag.

  1. More Ram - this will require you to pay and upgrade your server plan.
  2. Often Restarts - restart your server from time to time.
  3. Less Plugins - less plugins installed on your server
  4. Less Scripts

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