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Block-event location not working


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Hi, so I'm making a skript that teleports you when you stand on the gold block (I swear this is the last post about it.) So I got as far as finishing the teleport and the on step on gold block part but the problem is there are many gold blocks in my world so I only want one at a specific location to work. So here is the skript I wrote. ul_ColoMiners is the world name. I quadra checked for the coordinates and made sure that they were the ones that I was stepping on. 

on walk on gold block:
    if event-block's location is location(15, 4, 63, world "ul_ColoMiners"):
        teleport the player to location(15, 4, 50, world "ul_ColoMiners")   


Help would be appreciatd.

OK, this is the last time I post about this stupid teleport situation I swear!

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