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Skript is having problems in another server

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So i've created a simple Generator Skript, it works fine in the Test server, but when i sent it to main server whenever i restart the server the Generators just stop working, something that does not happen at Test Server


on place:
	if event-block is furnace:
		set {_drop} to location of block above event-block
		add {_drop} to {drop-furnace::*}
		message "&aYou've placed a Stone Button Generator"

on break:
	loop {drop-furnace::*}:
		if location of block above event-block is loop-value:
			cancel event
			set event-block to air
			give 1 furnace named "&aStone Button Generator" to player
			remove location of block above event-block from {drop-furnace::*}
			message "&aYou've removed your Stone Button Generator"

every 5 seconds:
	loop {drop-furnace::*}:
		drop 1 of Stone Button at {drop-furnace::%loop-index%}

Plugins at Main Server:

Plugins at Test Server:


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