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How expensive it is just to get the basic plan


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If you were to purchase eight hundred credits (800) and then choose the basic plan. You would only get twenty days of the basic plan before your credits would run out. That's how expensive it really is to run a server here. You can't even buy a month of the basic plan with six or more dollars.

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You know this rant is over 6$ right? that's 5¢ a day for 30 days. I've found more than that on the ground. You can pay for that with 2 hours working minimum wage. As a kid I would mow a lawn for a neighbor and get enough for 3 months.

Minehut is a free host, but it's also a business. for more serious developers or people wanting to open buycraft servers money needs to be invested first it's how running a business works. It costs Minehut money to host the servers they lose money on every free server. They make 6$ on every basic plan that allows you to have access to unlimited plugins. In my opinion it's more than generous to allow for the use of unlimited plugins for making so little. 

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Like said above, any normal human being with any descent job could afford to pay 5 cents every day. Even I can afford it and I don't even have a full time job. Another thing being that if your server is good it would be payed off pretty quickly. 

⭢ Founder Of Website 

The Website is men't to help you with all the skript you need to start your server. Soon we will have tutorials on how to use certain things, but for now you should go to Minehut.xyz for tutorials. Again, The Website is men't for skript help and skript requests.

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