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Do you agree to the requirements listed above?: 


What is your in-game username?: 


What is your Discord username and tag? (user#1234): 


Why do you want to apply for staff?: 

Because i love helping the community and i love the idea of the server so much

Why should we accept you?: 

Because I have past experience with other servers and I am active.

How can you help us?: 

I can moderate and make sure nobody breaks the rules.

What unique skills do you have that others may not?: 

I do not believe i am anything special, but as i said i have worked on many other servers, (ask me if you want their names).

How long have you been in the community for?: 

I have only been in the community for a few days now but I spend more time on the server then any other.

Have you ever broken the rules of Haste Minehut? If so, how and what have you learned from that?: 

No I have not.

How old are you?: 


How long have you been playing on Minehut?: 

I'm unsure of the specific date but i believe I have been playing on it since the beginning, when I saw a youtuber on it.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 

I would say for about 5 years now.

How many hours can you play on the server each week?: 

Well i can play 1-2 (maybe 3) hours a day, so i would say 14 hours a day maybe more.

Anything extra we should know? Any questions?: 


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Hello. The Haste Network application team has reviewed your application and has decided that we enjoyed your application and believe you should pass the text application stage of the application process.

Please DM idloo on our Discord times you will be available for an interview along with your timezone and dates.

skripting since 2016

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