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Do you agree to the requirements listed above?: 

What is your in-game username?: magnusgglol

What is your Discord username and tag? (user#1234): Super Gohan#3351

Why do you want to apply for staff?: bc i seen a lot of hackers campers etc with no staff on and wanna make a difference 

Why should we accept you?: bc i am active good at moderating and fair

How can you help us?: by being very active and moderating 

What unique skills do you have that others may not?: hmm my good personallity 

How long have you been in the community for?: like 4 weeks

Have you ever broken the rules of Haste Minehut? If so, how and what have you learned from that?: i was hacking and learned that its not worth it and i wanna make a difference by helping hase network with stopping rule breakers

How old are you?: 

How long have you been playing on Minehut?: 3 months i think not sure

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 5 yrs

How many hours can you play on the server each week?:  like 134 hours  i think

Anything extra we should know? Any questions?: no 

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Sorry, but you have been denied.

If you would like to reapply, please do so in at least 7 days from today.


A few things you may want to include if you reapply:

1. Use proper grammar

2. Add more detail

3. Add better reasons


Thanks for applying!

skripting since 2016

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