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Cant find plugins on the list that say theyre required for other plugins



I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if they install automatically with the plugins but I cant seem to find some plugins that are required for others. 

I havent done anything with plugins before so I'm unsure how it works but some input would be nice? ­čść

I cant find ProtocolLib, WorldGuard and maybe others

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Installing Plugins

1. Find the "Plugins" section in the panel and find the plugins you'd like to install

2. Click on the plugin then click the "Install" button

3. Find the "World Settings" tab on the left and click the "Save World" button

4. Go to the "Home" tab and stop your server (wait till the status says "offline")

5. Lastly, once your server is offline, start it back up again. Once you join it your plugins should be installed


That is how you install plugins if you didn't know. Simply just go to the plugins in the panel (https://minehut.com/panel/minecraft/plugins) and in the search box search up "ProtocolLib" and whatever else you need. If you can't find it then try just searching through them all manually.

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