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I think I might be stupid


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Hi Minehutters!

I'm not sure if anybody really needed to know this but I think my brain is slowly deteriorating. Like seriously.
On Sunday, I purchased credits. However, what I didn't know was I spent the money on the wrong Minehut account. I didn't even realise before buying VIP that I had indeed spent $18 AUD on my old Minehut account. So now I'm creating a KitPvP server to make sure those credits don't go to waste. Now if I had never spent those $18 AUD then I wouldn't need to create a KitPvP server because I wouldn't be wasting any credits. But now I am. And I am ashamed that I was this stupid.

Today, I was also very stupid. The world in my KitPvP for some reason or another corrupted, and crashed anybody's game if they dared join the server. But I didn't know that. Of course I didn't. So, I went on the Discord and asked for help and nobody knew why this was happening, which is fair, considering I described the issue very vaguely. I then went on to delete my Minecraft and reinstall it. And to my surprise, I still crashed after I joined my server. My friend Adam then told me the world was probably corrupted and I should probably reinstall it. And so I did. And I didn't crash anymore. What makes me mad about this is that my previous preferences are now gone because I didn't know that my world was corrupted.

So, Minehutters, now you know how incredibly stupid I am. Please join my server when it comes out, I lost my minecraft settings and $18 for this. Thanks for reading.

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Hi I'm Henry, owner of multiple unsuccessful servers


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