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about plots [farm2live]


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i would like to give my opinion about plots

i hate them! why?

1) you are limited to a building area

2) you cant build a city (i miss those old days)

3)i cant build a big house filled with farms and stuff

it limited me a lot and i hate that


anyway thats all i want your opinion and maybe we can revert this but i think its impossible right now. maybe in the next season

what do you guys think? do you like it?

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Back in the old days there were no plots, just Redprotect.

I kind of agree with you, but now people can’t surround other players protections as easily.


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I chose to use plots this season because there was no other option because the claiming plugins weren't updated.

Seeing how bad the plots plugin is and the amount of lag it generates, next season will probably use a skyblock plugin with a custom made farming island

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