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Can I do looping events using unix time?


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As I said earlier, I'm making a UHC server. The server will have automatically starting events, and a specific timetable for them. So obviously if Minehut crashes that could mess up a, for example, wait loop in the script so instead of being at 9:00AM it is now on 9:23. I figured that if I used Unix time it would always be when I wanted to, crashing or not. I just want it to automatically find the times of the next day. How can I do that?


# Example script, probably doesn't work

set {_9AM} to the unix time of 9am today
set {_12MD} to the unix time of 12pm today
set {_5PM} to the unix time of 5pm today

on unix time of {_9AM}:
  # Starts UHC, won't script here
on unix time of {_12MD}:
  # Again, starts UHC
on unix time of {_5PM}:
  # Guess what this does...

I'm not saying this works so please don't say obvious things.

By reading this you are a confirmed nerd




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