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Hello everyone! Im in recruitment for my server. Atm we are just a farming server but eventually will be a chain of servers including skyblock, modified factions and more. Here on /join Concealed it is a plot farming server with unique features like a fully custom shop and fun commands like /ping and /shrug and chat game rewards to make the server a little better. We have some amazing maps built from our build team but now we need some staff.

https://forms.gle/e37wK4XkcCHJR5fa6 Using this link you may apply for staff. Please use excess detail and put effort in it so we know you take pride into our server. When we release we will be doing 250$ Payouts! Join our discord server for more info. Also some side info if your playing you will see a server called /join CoreFarmz. They stole all of our files but thankfully we still have them. They didnt take any of the worlds so they dont have our amazing spawn or plot spawn they only took all the skripts but those skripts werent the final skripts. We have made improvements on the server and are expecting a full lobby of 75 people. http://discord.gg/sF9E93 Thats the discord where you can find info on our server! Good luck!

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