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  1. Heellllo, I am a dev/builder you want help? I don't talk.
  2. Hehehe, where are you from?
  3. Hello, can I be a builder?
  4. Hello! I am a builder. (A good one...) And I am a devloper. (Not so good...) I can build spawns well, and make ranks, kits, a nice TAB, npc, and more. (To that I need console) To build I need: op (/op sten9), worldedit (Plugin), EssentialsX (Plugin). I am from Sweden. To make a good server I recommend: WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Vault, Permissions Ex, LuckPerms, EssentialsX, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, TAB REBORN, Skript, Skript Addon: TuSKe, Sentinel, Citizens, Skript Addon: skRayFall, Skript Addon: skQuery, More Fish, AdvancedBan, SuperVanish. (18 plugins) (You need to pay) To make ranks I need: LuckPerms, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsX. I can't talk in discord or Skype or yea. I can't talk. Message me soon if you want my help. (My Minecraft name is sten9.) (I am in a builder team, LixomOW)
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