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My Friend got Hacked and he Was Banned from Minehut



Today me and my friends wanted to Make a World For Us, but one of them their PC Broke and didn't Have a Pc Untill today, and he started downloading minecraft

First it was really weird becouse He said to us that he didn't his pasword was incorrect so we proceded to change it (he had it in a paper) And then He Said to us that "it says a name (wich we dont remember) do i change it?" and i was like, well okay, change it, and next we started playing, but He was banned For 10  DECADES 10 YEars!  7 months 3 days and 1 hour ! and we where like Why the heck ? so he went into his profile again and saw that his skin was changed, and there was when we figure out that he had been hacker and his account had been personilzed to have different password name and skin ( he had a steve skin) so we checked some servers and saw that he was hacker from hypixel too, he had no computer for like 8 months? (around halloween) and we where wandering if any of you know if he can be unbanned and if theres like a punishment for hacking of 11 decades or anything of the style to help us please know when he was hacker and see if we can do anything about it so he cantado get hacked again


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