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Unneeded Toxicity


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Hey everyone,

Normally I don't comment or post on toxicity, but when I feel it's necessary and feel it could be a problem, I take the opportunity and do so. Recently, I've been on the Minehut Discord's Skript Channel. I've noticed an escalated amount of toxicity growing, from people who do not have patience for people who are new to Skript or who "don't want to read the documentation" provided from them. Now, before I begin, I understand how struggling it can be when someone doesn't follow the advice given to them or the direction you point them to, but it doesn't excuse the way you treat them, there are better ways to deal with people like that without having to resort to calling them "stupid" or flipping out at them. Sometimes people need a little bit of extra help, if you can't give that to them, then it's fine, you don't have to help them. Toxicity isn't okay, it doesn't make people feel invited to talk within the community and creates a metaphorical barrier through the community. It kind of surprises me, none of the staff of Minehut has communicated on this issue or has tried to limit the amount of toxicity on the Discord. 

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Just like 2016/2017


But really, I agree with these points, although some people do take it a little too far.

Some people don't care enough to actually work on learning skript and just ask in these channels for free skripts to say they did it. At this point I think it is fine with the toxicity.

But when someone is just asking for a bit of help with an error and people are going after them, that is unneeded toxicity.

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I totally understand, but, sadly, there are people that do that, nothing we can do about that, but tell them, "Hey, look, we don't skript for you unless we get paid, but we're more then happy to help fix a Skript you're working on or link you to documentation on how to do something." There is never a need for toxicity, being honest and letting them know where you stand on the basis of doing it for them, is all good, I'm not saying you should just bow down and do it for them, I'm just saying that there are better ways to let them know you won't spoon-feed them information.

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