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Servers Broken?


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I think so.

At the current state, Minehut is crashing frequently.

The entire network just fell apart and the website is as slow as molasses. 

Commands like /join, /server, and /friends list all do not work.

They are either extremely slow, or they do not work at all.

This is an issue that has been a thing for quite some time. Though, it has worsened since Yesterday.

I believe that if this is not fixed, we could expect player counts to drop dramatically.

Minehut, please fix this.

I want to play/enjoy the server again. Though, it is not working.

Another quick note:

Server TPS is averaging around 15, which is not how it was around 2 weeks ago. 

Something is up, and I hope the Minehut Team is able to fix this.


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