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  1. lava rising every 10 seconds. if possible make it so that I can turn it off or on pls
  2. I was wondering if someone could create me a /wild skript ranging from positive x going 8k to 12k and positive z going 8k 12. I tried a /wildnerness plugin, but it only worked for opped players and I couldn't figure it how to use it sooo that's why I'm asking the skript community.
  3. Stan_erd

    /Wild skript

    I have the luck perms plugin and vault already, but I'm unsure how to change it so than unopped players can play.
  4. Stan_erd

    /Wild skript

    So, I wanted to make a /wild skript for my smp ranging from positive 8k to 12k, but I was unsure how to do it. So than I downloaded a /wilderness plugin but it only worked for opped players. If anyone has a /wild skript, may I please use it?
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