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  1. Do not put too many appeals, we will get to them! Locked.
  2. Ban Shorten: 24 hours. Please remember not to toggle it next time!
  3. Hi there? Are you looking for a skript but can't seem to find it anywhere? Then this might be the pog place for you today I will be coding / skripting skripts for players just for fun! If anything is too complicated for me, then I will probably not be able to code it... I will be taking this challenge. Post your skript idea / thing you need down below - windooows
  4. What rule were they breaking? What's the IGN or name of member you're reporting? Do you have any evidence, if so please upload.
  5. What type of punishment did you receive? Why were you punished? Why do you think your punishment was unjustified?
  6. #my epic music skript, btw im new to the forums so sorry if i posted this in the wrong discussion. command /music [<text>]: usage: &6Music&7 > &e/music <disc> trigger: if arg-1 is "far": play sound "music_disc.far" with volume 3 to the player message "&6Music &7> &eNow playing &6Far." to player if arg-1 is "stop": execute console command "/stopsound %player%" message "&6Music &7> &eYour music has been stopped" if arg-1 is "stal": play sound "music_disc.stal" wit
  7. pretty easy one to make
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