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  1. This is only to tell whoever wants to join my Club, its fun its fresh and also if you are a pokemon fan JOIN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
  2. I am the guy who posted about the CreateYourOwnMenus update and it was accepted to be done next monday, but the plugin is that broken it doesnt allow you to create any menus or even use it at all.I would request an earlier update (maybe today) because I have some work to do that I can't even start without this plugin.
  3. If you setup a trade with a villager that includes items that were renamed and custom edited(modified some of its stats such as damage using command blocks) using command blocks then if you try trading with the villager once the trade is up, the villager will not trade with you and you will get the item you were trading back at your inventory like no trade took place.If you edit the villager and exit the editing menu and try trading again,the villager will now be able to trade with you.Don't know why this happens and you could contact the author somehow to maybe try fixing it. Than
  4. CreateYourOwnMens was recently updated and now has a new update for 1.14 and 1.13. I think that minehut uses 1.9 as its latest CreateYourOwnMenus version.Here is the new version link that has been posted xHawk87 the original publisher of CreateYourOwnMenus.1.14 version https://github.com/XHawk87/CreateYourOwnMenus/releases/tag/0.5.12 . 1.13 version https://github.com/XHawk87/CreateYourOwnMenus/releases/tag/0.5.11 .You can also check CreateYourOwnMenus comments on the plugin page since I also found out about this there because the author was responding to a person who was questioning to verify
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