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  1. Also, I know there is already TelegramChat and I tried it, but it only works in DMs, not what I was looking for
  2. No, it isn't for voice. Whenever you send a message in minecraft, it makes a bot send that message in a telegram group. When someone sends a message in telegram, it appears in the game chat. P.S. sorry for not checking back for a few days
  3. probably doesnt have notifications and forgot to check
  4. the thing is no matter how many levels you have, it will always say "too expensive"
  5. MutualChat is a plugin to connect a telegram group and the chat on a Minecraft server. The creator only tested it in 1.13, but I put it on a local server witch was on 1.16.5 and it worked great. the link is https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mutualchat_telegram.64670/
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