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  1. I really want to try do something with rainbow chat and I tried, I failed. Can help me pls Smthing like this
  2. Thanks, I would need it, but I don't want fully finished skript, I can do a bit of skripting, I did started but I failed with player own gens.
  3. Category: GeneratorSuggested name: gen.skSpigot/Skript Version: Latest skript.What I want: Generator skript like there is in WoolGens but with concrete and items I can change, upgrades, PERSONAL GENERATORS so no one else can break it, sell.Ideas for commands: /gencap; /gens; /shop; /sell; /getgen <gen name>; /resetgens <nick>Ideas for permissions: Gens.GIVE; Gens.RESET When I'd like it by: As Soon As Possible
  4. I need shop skript with Categories. Category list needs to be with 3 rows. It needs to be Block in 10 slot, redstone in 11 slot, tools in 12 slot, misc in 14 slot (13 slot needs to be blank), system in 15 slot there sould be Water, soul sand, ice, packed ice, hopper. And Decoration in slot 16. category list needs to be like this down here. its just a category list i skripted it, but i need it working
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