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  1. Username: Bearty What punishment did you receive: Perm ban Was the punishment fair: Sure Why should you be unpunished: I have been banned for 8 months, kept up with the community, and would love to play again. What were the events that led to your punishment: Playing and was banned. Additional comments: All i'm asking is for a second chance to redeem myself.
  2. have before sir, but i don't see a reason to even have to prove myself because i've been banned for 6 months which they say is enough time, but i don't see myself even getting an answer anyways cry.
  3. I messed up 2 links for the pictures. These are the pictures in place for : Him saying he has watched me for days: and him saying no to providing evidence. http://www.mediafire.com/view/6jz7odq4outidv5/Capture.PNG/file
  4. Username: Bearty What punishment did you receive: Perm Ban for Autoclicker Was the punishment fair: No Why should i be unpunished: Alright so here are some critical points on why i should be unbanned from the server Warzone. Here is my first point- I was banned for hacking of course! And, of course, it is a false ban. Lets put this in my perspective. If i was hacking on a pvp server, I would, of course, get banned and leave. So in this case, why have i stayed here for months, prior of being banned. It's because i've played this server for about 3 years, and I've never hacked,
  5. nevermind i already did get to a month GG BOIS
  6. maybe i can get to a month with no answer pog?
  7. If you guys are ignoring it, please just tell me why, or atleast that you are please.
  8. Username: ItsBearty What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: Eh Why should you be unpunished: Honestly, im just gonna say sorry at this point. Ive made so many appeals, and you've read so many, so im just going to get to the point: First of all, ive never been banned on a server with an anticheat Also, if i was hacking, why wouldn't i just move onto another server? I just really like the community and the game, you know? Third, you never thought ive hacked since, why then? Also, would like to see the proof you had in detail if
  9. ask for evidence, get no reply for almost a week.... Big rip.. This is still gonna be answered, correct?
  10. Can I get some of the proof you have? Or, oh wait! You have none? also, we literally saw the video of me getting punished, and I was banned right after, so what're you trying to achieve here?
  11. So uh.... You gotta punish me on, well, my punishment. Was that individual clip unfair? Lol
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