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  1. This is a great suggestion but it's already been suggested other times and is already being worked on. This is also the incorrect place to put it. If you would like to suggest it you can do so in the the correct forum, on the meta github at https://github.com/Minehut/Meta/issues or you can discuss it in the meta discord at https://discord.gg/pgXMSFh
  2. Do you have one or smth? Or do you just know lol
  3. Have you guys seen the axolotls in real life?
  4. What are your opinions on 1.17 so far?
  5. An entire server, the developers aren't just making one skript and going. It would be that you stay.
  6. I am looking for a manager and some developers to help me make a high quality minehut server. There will be pay depending on the amount that the server makes. Manager: Requirements - Mature - 13 or older - Able to handle the stress of being manager - Active Developer: Requirements: - Mature - 13 or older - 6 months or more of skript experience - Active If you are interested contact me on discord at Prorickey#0001
  7. Update: I contacted the developer and he said that older versions did this, luckily minehut recently updated and now everything works fine. Thanks pop
  8. I figured it was the plugin and decided to go with the first version, thank you though
  9. MongoSK 2 won't enable because it says skript isn't installed. But Skript is installed.
  10. Yeah this happens often, if it gives you that error you just need to try again.
  11. The API doesn't support anything that requires authorization but it is still possible. You just have to pass two headers: x-session-id and your authorization key. These are temporary and do change every once in a while. If you are wondering how to get these, just go into your console, open developer tools which is found when you click the three dots at the top right screen of the browser, click on "More Tools" and click developer tools. This is also the same thing as inspect. Then go to network and wait for a request called "all_data" shows up. You should be able to click this and scroll down to find them. You can also find this tutorial at https://github.com/TeamMH/minehutxyz/blob/apidocs/api/auth.md
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