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  1. My server cadoheart.minehut.gg needs staff for it! its currently still in the making, but only for things that we can work on while the game is being played. The server is Creative/skyblock and will have a Hunger Games minigame added on. if anyone is interested dm me on discord mine is Planty_plant1#5717 and i also need builders if anyone knows any. i would like help sending out my discord to people. have a nice day!
  2. I would love to be staff! tell me when your server is online so i can apply! tell me on my discord Planty_plant1#5717
  3. Hello! my server is cadoheart.minehut.gg and i need some builders for maps. im making hunger games maps so they need to be built a certain way. my discord is Planty_plant1#5717 so message me there if you need to get online. Thank you if you help me!
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