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  1. You're not helping anything, neither am I. You don't know anything about this so for the last time. Stop Being A Know it All Have a mother fuckin' nice day
  2. No, everyone know FAWE doesn't work. WorldGuard is just glitchy. It works half of the time no matter what circumstances. Stop being a know it all
  3. Half the purpose of World Edit is to fucking paste/replace
  4. WorldGuard works, but theres a bug with it if you get a non-opped account to break stuff and they jump in the glitched block, you can dupe using /echest, /pv, and crash the server. Also world edit itself is really bad since it will crash your server with a high amount of blocks.
  5. Go back to the older version of crates plus, the new one is complete shit. Don't tell me to "use another crates plugin" because all of the free ones are actually crap The old crates plus you could actually CHANGE THE FUCKING ITEMS, COLOR OF THE HOLOGRAM, ETC the new one you can't even EDIT THE ITEMS in the new crates plus, I want a refund of my credits I spent or I want the plugin fixed
  6. Stop acting like you know how to fix the issue when you don't smh
  7. Switch back to the old CratesPlus, the new one is absolutely terrible. You can't just the holograms color like you used to be able to, and you can't even edit the crates items anymore. It's bullcrap. please change back
  8. Hello, if you are interested in being a builder, please pm me CreeperEdge#6156
  9. 2 Ideas: a broadcast skript like this Broadcast: Alert: Notify: (whatever prefix you like) This is an example if someone didn't use color code Broadcast I love Minehut If someone used color codes in it: Broadcast: Minehut is the fricken best! Also make a public tempban, warn, unwarn, and mute/unmute skript. Tempban Example: command: /tempban TacticalModz 30d good person CrazySteve79 tempbanned TactialModz for 30 days Reason: being a good skripter (any colors you want) Warns: command: /warn TacticalModz being a good person command: /unwarn TacticalModz being a good person CrazySteve79 warned TactialModz for being a good person CrazySteve79 unawrned TactialModz for being a good person Mute/Unmute/Tempmute CrazySteve79 tempmuted TacticalModz for 30 mins Reason: swearing CrazySteve79 permanently muted TacticalModz for swearing CrazySteve79 unmuted TacticalModz reason: being sexy and he knows it
  10. Can someone please put all the commands for PEX (not permission nodes) on this thread? like this: /pex user (user) group set Admin etc etc etc (I don't know all of them, /pex doesn't help)
  11. @slickslime12whats your discord?
  12. Just google generators on Google. It's with command blocks (you could do skript if you wished)
  13. AdvancedBans is bad, same with MaxBans Plus. Neither of them work. skript is wayyyy better
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