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  1. The idea of villager trade seem to be usefull but many people have come to the realization that they are too overpowered and take many vital components from the game. The NoVillagerTrade plugin ensures that no villagers can be traded with. The idea of no villagers has spread ever since the 13 million subscriber, Minecraft Youtuber "Dream" made it a rule on his server with many other popular youtubers, such as "Vikkstar" and "Tommyinnit" I think many people would love to see the addition of this plugin into the game. Hope you make a decision on this suggestion! Plugin Link: https://dev.buk
  2. but if you delete the folder, how will the newly generated nether be saved? (sorry im not a minecraft expert)
  3. hiiasdfasdfasdf

    Nether reset

    The new nether update is coming and i want to know how to reset the nether safely. Some people told me to delete DIM-1 in the world_nether file, but I want to clarify if this safe and does not cause long term effects. If you can please tell me the purpose of the DIM-1 is.
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