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  1. what security reasons would there be? The only thing remotely problematic would be the server list ping i think, and even then it's just the fake player count issue again. I think minehut investing a very small amount of time in making a fork of this would be extremely beneficial to all users
  2. no you can't because packets only transfer useful information and the j key is not linked to any pre-existing event.
  3. every 1 second: give (random element out of all items) to all players where [{itemsExempt::%input's uuid%} is not set] command /command: trigger: if {itemsExept::%player's uuid%} is set: delete {itemsExempt::%player's uuid%} # no unnecessary memory usage send "&aEnabled bla bla" else: send "&cDisabled bla bla" set {itemsExempt::%player's uuid%} to true this is how i'd do it
  4. SharpSK is deprecated, it hasn't been updated in 2 years.
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