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  1. APPEAL FORMAT (copy + paste) Type of punishment: (e.g. kick, warn, mute, ban etc) Date of punishment: IGN: (Your in game name) Punished by: (If you do not know who punished you, leave blank.) Why you were punished: Do you agree with this?: Please attach a link to a screenshot of your punishment:
  2. Trying to make multiple gamemodes on meh server, already made a per world plugin thing and a network thingy, just need to have separate balances for each world. if you can add this that would be cool. thanks. (if there are any alternatives I can use (preferably with skript) please let me know thanks!) Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/multi-world-money.6231/
  3. Can this be made into a yt series thing every week, if so then sign me up!
  4. +1 I would also like a /restart command to do that in game as well! It would also be useful to have a restart schedule to automatically restart the server at certain points in the day if the server is up.
  5. My IGN:Platform: (Discord, server).Punished by:Reason:Date of punishment:Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:Screenshot of punishment: (Do not reply to this post)
  6. I want to be able to add people to my console (to use it) but not give them my password to my actual account. if you could add this then that would be great
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