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    ItemEditor https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/item-editor.27637/ Please update this plugin as it has stopped working in 1.16, but there is an updated version that does work. The problems: - When using the name section of the gui it takes you into chat but when you type in a name it does not go back into the gui this means the item is lost this is the same with lore.
  2. A dungeon crawler... With pvp.......... And a bit of mining... Do /join PowerLevel PowerLevel.minehut.gg
  3. I decided to advertise every 20 seconds or so when the chat was being flooded I thought that would be fine but yet I still get muted this is pissing me off I have 6 mute offenses at this point make a clear guideline for what is spam not just -spam is not allowed- I'm sure many others have the same issue it says this is the rule Sending messages to purposely spam or flood a channel or chat is not permitted. But this isn't followed at all by staff member I got muted when my advertisements were outside of chat range form the last one, handle this better seriously.
  4. You go ahead, delete your server then install Shopkeeper in plugins How do I win events?
  5. Hi, dispositive this is the same time I made my minehut forms account July 2019, I have been playing minehut for who knows how long. I'm mostly active playing on RPG or Dupe servers my ingame username is "ThankYouGod" I've just friended you.
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    Enable command blocks in settings then do Restart your server if not already on Make sure your opped in game Then do /minecraft:give @p command_block
  7. Trent because then everyone will be sad they didn't get picked What year did you most enjoy in minehut?
  8. <<!>> Join PowerLevel <<!>> Dungeon Crawler <<!>> Ranks, Community, PVP, PVE, Upgrades and more <<!>> Taking Suggestions <<!>>
  9. Report Format Username of accused: Reason: Proof (Screenshot/Video):
  10. Appeal Format Username: Punishment: Reason: Why you should be unbanned: Screenshot:
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