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  1. I can't find out how to download my files. Is there a way to do so? Most server hosting sites do, and I don't see why Minehut wouldn't. UPDATE: I figured it out.
  2. IGHT I clicked fix files VIA danger zone and it may have fixed it EDIT: lmao the frick it aint
  3. I'm just always having issues with the server starting. People are waiting for me to open it, but I freaking can't. I can't even access my worlds for config files to host hop, so I'm stuck here until this "service" get fixed. There are also other people in the discord who are having issues, but no one there is willing to help.
  4. I have a plugin that is supposed to do it (Killermoney), but I can't seem to make it work. If anyone could help me with that, or knows a better way to do it, I would appreciate the knowledge! Thank you!
  5. I'm tryna make those plates that yeet people forward. They have 'em in Mineplex. Thanks!
  6. Never mind I just ended up moving the spawn point.
  7. Usually You'd do it Via the server.properties file, but for some reason I can't access mine. If there an alternative way to edit this value? Thanks!
  8. Of course all day no one but when I go AFK for two hours TWO new visitors with TEN MINUTES! ^ Screen shot of Game output. Names Censored for privacy
  9. I started my server two days ago, after several months not going on minehut, so I didn't bother checking the Motd or any of that. I would get someone new joining almost every hour, it was nice. Until I went into the server appearence. I seen that the Motd said "WIP server. Staff members wanted!" At the time, I didn't think much of it, except "well that explains why most people ask me if they can help with the server". SO I change it to something along the lines of "Minigames server WIP!" yesterday, and ever since I've only had one new person join. Thinking about changing it back just for the traffic. Actually no, I don't need it.
  10. I brought it out of meditation and it worked, sorry for the troubl
  11. This has never worked for me and it still doesn't. Do I need to make the server out of hibernation?
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