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  1. User Name - Residal, Cooli, RoboGirlPlayz Offense - Toxicity and disrespect Evidence - Just to clarify, I'm not exactly defending MWQ in this report, I'm just reporting what I believe is against the rules. I believe the players that "ganged up" on MWQ should at LEAST get warned (not verbally, and actualy /warn) for toxicity and/or disrespect. What some of them said was breaking the rules in multiple ways. They’re old enough to know better. I am aware that MWQ was also being what you could consider toxic. The way he handled the situation wasn’t the best, but MWQ was upse
  2. It's a glitch, happens when you break the wool before you die but are in the middle of lagging.
  3. _Stay


    Username - Hqzim Offense - Scaffold Evidenced - Hqzim.mp4
  4. Username- Pitcher420 Offence- Scaffold- 420Pitcher.mp4
  5. Username- Nebula95 Offence- Scaffold Nebula95.mp4 -
  6. User Name - RedRedRain Offense - Scaffold Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/yKCatwA
  7. My current username is IaBi but I will change it back to _Stay by August 4th My favorite server is Timh just because I've never seen a server like it on Minehut and the friends I made there are some of the best I've ever had on Minehut.
  8. User Name - WolfyGamerYT Offense - Stat abuse Evidence -
  9. Username: Saucest Offence: Suicidal encouragement Evidence: The uploaded image is of Saucest telling me to kys.
  10. Username: _Stay What punishment did you receive: Hacks - NoSlow Perm ban Why should you be unpunished: I was not hacking and I would never even think of doing such. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was in the middle of a game when I got banned. No warning or anything. Additional comments: Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
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