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  1. Lmao, I will also update my post if my friend wants credit but idk if he wants his disc public
  2. A friend sent me this and I agree
  3. Splatez07

    Server virus?

    They would of opped themselves if they really were MineHut staff
  4. I’ve found a host that does 2 1gb servers (for mini-games) one 512MB server (For BungeeCord) and a 2GB one for my hub all for £4 a month and £2.40 Semi-annually so imma have to switch to a paid host... also is there any way that I could download my worlds?
  5. may have to switch to a paid host because of this
  6. It still won’t work! I can tell the plugin is active as /X-ray works but doesn’t allow me to see through blocks.
  7. X-Ray plugin isn't working! please help!
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