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  1. Man, just buy an account, Minehut doesn't support people who don't pay for the game.
  2. I think its cause it uses the /server so trying to teleport with it is disabled. You'd have to go to lobby, do /find <> then /join <>
  3. This will probably never happen. Minehut is very picky about what plugins are made available to players because of numerous exploits. Minehut does not want to be compromised, therefore they will not give players the ability to import their own code. You may think it is "easy" to disable these sort of things, but it is really not. There are always other ways, people can open websockets and break out of their server container. Therefore Minehut will never allow players to import their own code.
  4. Bluberriess


    command hat: trigger: set {_blacklisted::*} to barrier if {_blacklisted::*} contains type of player's tool: send "&cYou cannot use that item!" stop give player helmet slot of player #giving them the item again set helmet slot of player to 1 of tool #setting helmet remove 1 of tool from player #balancing the hat, as to not duplicate items try that
  5. mhm yes agree 100 i do good skript this is. deserve payment from trent, it does.
  6. for example if the username was Hello are you typing /op (Hello) or /op Hello because make sure not to include the ( )'s you also aren't required to use / in the console but it doesn't make a difference. If you are on bedrock, make sure to put a * in front of the name, so like: /op *Hello Typing /op USERNAME in the console is the correct way to op yourself. so make sure you are typing in the correct words.
  7. sorry that you use light mode ew
  8. Yes, right as the server starts up, head to the Console Command section in the Appearance tab at the dashboard (https://minehut.com/dashboard). Then continue to type kill @e[type=minecraft:item] or (for everything) kill @e Make sure you do this while your server is starting and I would suggest doing it multiple times Check the logs.latest file in the File Manger -> Logs. Then check for a log message stating "Killed x entities"
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