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  1. Pesk Pesk is a skript addon that adds a handful of random features. - I am requesting this again because it has been 5 Months since I initially requested this, and I haven't really heard any updates on its status.
  2. i give it only 4.5 honks out of 5 cause you didn't cred me for like helping with 1 thing
  3. https://www.mythicmobs.net/index.php?threads/solved-how-do-i-fix-my-random-spawning-issues-no-custom-mobs-will-random-spawn.3972/ a quick google search found this, read through this. https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/mythicmobs-no-mobs-are-spawning.325495/
  4. could you perhaps send your logs?
  5. @p cant be run through console cause the player selector wont trigger for the player via console. if you wanted to do command: console command "effect clear %player%" would be the syntax. You can also remove %potioneffect% from player's active potion effects or clear player's active potion effects
  6. To enable economy you need a plugin which acts as an economy. Something like EssentialsX and Vault. This will allow you to use economy. For more info: https://wiki.mc-ess.net/wiki/Essentials_Economy
  7. Alright, First go the the console command section after activation Dashboard -> Edit Server -> Appearance -> Console Command Then as the server is starting, type minecraft:kill @e[type=item] in that text box. Do this multiple times before and while the server is starting. This should kill all those ender pearls. Then join!
  8. so you've gone to the console on the dashboard at https://minehut.com and you've gone and typed op USERNAME example: My name is 'Test' I would type: op Test Is this the exact steps you used? Dashboard -> Edit Server -> Appearance -> Console Command -> type 'op USERNAME'
  9. Bluberriess

    Cant do anything

    this error occurs if there is an issue with your json files in like bannedplayers or op + check your randomtickspeed Try deleting the files that have .json in them.
  10. Bluberriess

    Cant do anything

    what plugins do you have? also did you happen to summon a lot of entities this error occurs if there is an issue with your json files in like bannedplayers or op + check your randomtickspeed
  11. I do not believe that ban can be run from a command block as it does not actually run the command via chat. None of these commands work through command blocks: ban, ban-ip, deop, kick, op, pardon, pardon-ip, save-all, save-off, save-on, stop, whitelist add/remove/on/off/reload, debug, publish, kill. help, seed, list, scoreboard objectives/players/teams, list, banlist, whitelist list https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Command_Block
  12. Yep, plugin is outdated.
  13. Can you send a copy of your latest log file.
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