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  1. anyone have a Hologram skript? ive been getting Hologram plugins but they dont work for some reason.
  2. Thanks it works! sorry for asking much but is there a way i can make it to where certain people like only ops can bypass the cooldown?
  3. How do I add Custom Plugins to my server?
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh ok thank you for telling me I was getting confused. but do you know how i can make it to where they can only use the item every 5 seconds like a enderpearl?
  5. Ive Been trying to add a Cooldown to this skript but its not working can someone help? ```on right click holding iron sword: name of player's tool is "&fAries Sword": push player forwards at speed 2.0 cooldown: 5 seconds cooldown message: &fWait 5 seconds before Use again!```
  6. So i see that Custom Plugins are available now is it only available on MH20? or for any plan even free?
  7. Can someone make me a Skript that makes it to where Instead of placing down Shulkers you can just look in the air and right click and it opens the menu without placing it?
  8. Join BoxxBoxx (will be changing the name soon) for a Box server that has Custom items and Biomes Working on a new Summer Map atm and will be released by Thursday!
  9. Is there a skript where i can make it to when someone right clicks a sign with a certain msg on it or a certain color-coded msg it tps them somewhere?
  10. Basically i wanna make it a /apply Staff and /apply Builder and it sends those links
  11. Hi ive been trying to make a /apply command for my server and idk how to add a 2nd command 1 for regular staff and 1 for Builder So far i have this command /apply: trigger: send formatted "&dBoxxboxx &8» <link:https://bit.ly/3frUeDW>&dClick here to apply for Staff.<reset>" trigger: send formatted "&dBoxxboxx &8» <link:https://bit.ly/3wnjan3>&dClick here to apply for Builder.<reset>"
  12. Can you make a Vein mine skript that only activates when you are holding a item with a certain lore? or just a certain item with a certain name?
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