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  1. The Company Plugin I'm not too sure what it is called, but I have not yet found it and would like it to be added. the company plugin is /company which helps players run their own business and pay players. it would help my server greatly as it is a city server. also /gangs would be great as well.
  2. Bluehorn200


    I have been on minehut for a bit now, and i have a server that would thrive if movecraft was added. Movecraft is a mod that copies + paste's blocks to make them 'move' This would be really good please add it
  3. Bluehorn200

    Server Crashes

    My Server keeps crashing. Every 5 mins or so it suddenly stops, and everyone is sent to lobby, it is too late in development to Restart now. please help
  4. I have done so much, i cant change it now
  5. My Name keeps coming up as mcpjosh, though i am bluehorn200

  6. my server, Cubedcity Is crashing every 5 mins and taking like 5 mins to load again! Its getting really annoying and the progress is so far it would be disasterous to move ot another world. Please help
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