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NOTE: New artifacts are added constantly, and this page may not be updated immediately. Please keep this in mind while reading this page

Please do not request a specific artifact, they are either given out or found in the world of arugila.

Artifact list

Orb of Origins - (Allows you to select your species) Only obtainable by request to administrator

Horn of the Monster King - (Calls all monsters in a 150 block radius towards you) Currently only obtainable by trading with players

Fireball - (Shoot a sphere of fire from your hand) Soon to be craftable with a fire charge and blaze powder

Wand of Fire - (Shoot a small fireball from the tip)

Infini-Steak - (Fills you up instantly, and never runs out. Say goodbye to hunger)

Scales of Deception - (Covers you in the illusion of power)

Sneak Chains - (Makes you invisible while sneaking)

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