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The Fireorb Official Club, Recieve updates about all our servers and make sure to join the discord for more info.

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  2. I have added a new world to me and my friends server but since the /world command was removed I can't get to it. Also Multiverse isn't available in 1.18... so is there ANY way to get to the other worlds? Thanks
  3. i am trying to op my self in a server i made but when i try to op my self in the console, it says the following: "unknown command. type "/help" for help" and i do not know what is going on, also there are these like bukkit and viaversions things that i do not know and did not put in, please help
  4. HELP! I was planning on making a server where people can teleport to other worlds, when I finally got the command block to teleport me, I got back to my original world but I was back at the original spawnpoint. I've tried /kill but it says I don't have a spawnpoint when I set my spawn 4 times before I teleported. I had a huge building that I spent a long time on and I don't want to lose all that progress. How could I get back to my building without the exact coordinates, can I get the coordinates through logs or something? Thanks
  5. So i joined my friends minehut server, and i ended up getting really good stuff even netherite armor but when he left, i realized i didn't know the server name is there any way to do a command or something?
  6. I've been trying to let me friend host the server on his computer as the free plan just isn't holding up. I'm just not able to download the entire server. I can download one world but then I end up with a reset nether and end. Does anyone know how I could either download everything into one zip file or download them separately and combine them?
  7. Nevermind, I was able to watch a few videos and the problem has been fixed.
  8. My friend and I have a free server that we have been building up and he accidentally used worldedit and crashed the server. Is there any way to undo this problem? We have coreprotect installed if that helps.
  9. Feel free to create threads here and ask us questions, we are also more active in our discord: https://fireorbdevelopment.com/discord
  10. HYP1XEL SUMMER EVENT On MAY the 25'th at 1PM EST or 6PM GMT There will be a Summer Event taking place with all sorts of cool rewards to win!, To enter the event make sure to be online at 1pm est on HYP1XEL.MINEHUT.GG and wait for the ingame announcement to /warp Event. Event Rewards - MVP++ Rank Rewards - Free Mystery Boxes as runner up prizes - PvP, Parkour, Thimble, Simon Says and much more Website: https://fireorbdevelopment.com Forums: https://forums.fireorbdevelopment.com Store: None IP: Hyp1xel.minehut.gg

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