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  2. So, to start off, I'm going to introduce myself. My name is Corey and I play a lot of roleplay servers and have experienced many different types within the past few years. I feel like my roleplaying skills have improved since I have started and I've been involved in lots of different types today we are going to be discussing different methods for the chat just as an idea regardless if its added in or not. So when roleplaying there is multiple perspectives of it, two of those perspectives are. ICLY - It stands for In-character and is a perspective from your characters shoes and how they would roleplay so its all based on the events that are currently happening. OOCLY - OOCLY is your perspective from out-of-character so for example this server is oocly because it does not have any effect on the current icly roleplay that you would be doing on the server. Basically what I'm trying to put out there is that instead of having one big chat where peoples conversations and roleplay's mix there should be separate chats and only the people that are in within 4 blocks should be able to see your text. However for that you could add in /yell commands so that when people do /yell it will allow people to see there text in a much wider range and with that also /whisper. For oocly things such as help needed or reports or people talking about out of character things, there could be ooc and looc. Looc could be used as a local out of character so only the people close to you can talk about out of character things whether as ooc everybody on the server can see that and talk about oocly things together. Now, moving onto actioning. I believe for actions people should be able to do /me now /me is a method. For example, /me would punch him in the face or /me would look at Jim. With /me the actioning wouldn't be confused as just normal communication and would be clear as people actioning when you type /me in and do the action the text should be in yellow so that its much more easier to read and that's how you know when someone's actioning. That is all for my suggestion, I hoped you all liked it and if not well at least I tried. Thanks for your time and please consider it.
  3. EmptyRooms_

    i am rich.png

    Man you have 27 grand and i only have 2 grand
  4. i have a coffe shop just out of the campus and i would like some customer
  5. So i was on discord and i just simply said in mcserverchat "Melon so cute im getting hard" then i just got banned instantly Bruh its just a joke
  6. i wanted to start a war as a joke and a admin thought i really wanted to then he banned me. my username is painbutmonke pls unban me it is one of my favourite servers
  7. why cant i be unbanned for a fake code i tricked staff with
  8. Meditation Sometimes we need a refresher and to clear our minds, a little bit of meditation under the waterfall helps IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  9. Waterfall Hidden deep in the tall spruce forest in between the leaves, stands a small chilling pond formed from up the creak waterfall. There are many like it hiding in the park's camping ground. IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  10. Shaderzz Shaders makes everything look 10 times better! IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  11. Holy Panda Bow down to the all mighty and fluffy bear. Landed down on the month of February, maybe next year it'll grace us with its presence! IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  12. Around the Campus Come visit our campus to take a look around and find photo spots with amazing shaders IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  13. Around the Campus ome visit our campus to take a look around and find photo spots with amazing shaders IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  14. Around the Campus Visiting a haunted house back from October, our garden changes per season. Come check out what's this current season's garden! IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  15. Sleeover Don't forget your sleeping bags, midnight snacks, and story tales to make this night last IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  16. Sleeover Gather around the indoor campfire as we play truth or dare and tell each other spooky tales throughout the night. IP: Campusrp.minehut.gg | Discord: Invite
  17. Come get your coffee!
  18. Ice boating Swerving & maneuvering between dripleaves on my new fancy ride.
  19. Going Snorkeling! Hanging out with the fishies as me and my friend gets front row seats to the great blue! See some in the front pond of the Campus on CampusRP!
  20. Sunshine's ☀ Basking in the warm rays of the sun, a fresh beginning to a new day! To new beginnings & fresh starts on CampusRP!
  21. Chilling with friends Spending the day with friends, chilling with a sip of a steaming hot chocolate in front of the café. Hanging out with friends on CampusRP~
  22. Is there a ban appeal form for CampusRP? I was banned I think about a month ago and was wondering where I can appeal that ban.
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    • In recent times, Minehut has been on a downward trend in terms of player experience. One of the main issues is the censorship on the networks hub and in player to player messages. Words such as "fake", AFK", and "1984" are blocked, which many players, including me, feel is unnecessary. It is worth noting that in order to join Minehut, players must be at least 13 years old, so the heavy-handed censorship feels out of place and unnecessary. A suggested solution to this issue would be to include a toggle for censorship, so players can choose whether or not to have it enabled.


      Another issue is the lack of community on Minehut. The network used to have a strong sense of community, but now it feels like an endless pit of advertisements and low-quality servers. This is partly due to the new "Server Template" feature, which has resulted in many servers on minehut being the same gamemode. Having pre-made server templates available can also encourages users to not make their own server, but instead, use one of minehuts own pre-made servers therefore killing any creativity that used to be put into servers.


      The user experience on Minehut has also been poor, with players being forced to go through a halfway server before joining the server they actually want to join, solely for the purpose of displaying advertisements.


      The Minehut panel, which is used to manage servers, has also been a source of frustration for players. It is difficult to navigate, glitchy, not customizable, and not something that server owners want to use. In comparison to what the panel used to be, it has fallen well short of expectations.


      In conclusion, Minehut has seen a decline in player experience in recent times, with issues such as heavy-handed censorship across the network hub and messages, lack of community, poor user experience and a subpar panel. 


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    • Pretty sure you can start servers from the lobby-

      Try doing /join gmini in the minehut lobby

    • A Minehut admin did this!? You should report them to the staff!!

    • Try doing it without the slash, like this

      op temptinghat (or whatever your ign is)

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