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Staff Applications Format


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> Copy the format shown below.
> Create a new topic. (Click "Start new topic")


> Must be 13 or older.
> Must have a working microphone in order to get interviewed.
> Must be able to record and screenshot evidence.
> Must have Discord and must be on the Discord server.


Please do not lie in your application. Lying on your application will get you in trouble... 😕


What's your Minecraft Username?



What's your Discord Username and #tag?



What's your age?



Do you have any punishments on the server?



Why do you want to be a Staff Member?



What previous experience do you have?



Why do you think you stand out from other applicants?



What sort of strengths and weaknesses do you have?



These are scenarios you will face as a staff member!


What would you do if users started spamming the chat?



Someone was exploiting a bug on the server, what would you do?



Your friend, best friend, sibling or any family member joined the server and started breaking the rules, what would you do?



Please read through the agreements before answering them!


During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, your application will get automatically denied; do you agree to this? (yes/no)



If your application gets denied, you will not argue with other staff about your application. Do you agree to this? (yes/no)



That's it!
Click "Submit Topic" when you are done!!

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