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Can someone edit the tab 1.17.1 plugin for me and send me it

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i have the tab plugin <-- from 2021 marketplace and i am needing to someone to edit it like [footballbox] as the title of it but <-- im kind of lazy right now so i need you guys to help me make it MY THEME!

[ its football not SOCCER! ]

[ send me the script ]


Hello I'm nmazey and I joined minehut in 2014 but left because
It was super TRASH! and played other servers...

But in 2015 I joined back and saw the in-game gui and I left because i thought That it was still a towny server.. 2 years later I realised that I saw lots of youtube videos about minehut

so I joined again and found out it's not an towny server anymore saw free minecraft servers! Then I started to make a minehut server called foxboxy, newwolf and more

but today in 2024 I have 62 servers and I have the VIP rank and switched to bedrock




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