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Detecting when the player lands on the ground Skript

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Hi! I'm trying to detect when the player lands, (like the title suggests).

If it helps, I'm pushing the player in the air, and then pushing them back down to make an explosion when they land.

on offhand switch:
  if {Bakugo} contains player:
    cancel event
    if {BakugoMoveset} contains 2:
      if {BakugoExplode2} is true:
        send action bar "<##FF5700>&lBlast Down on cooldown!" to player
        set {BakugoExplode2} to true
        push player up with speed 0.5
        wait 0.3 second
        push player up with speed -1
        # (Right here is where I wanna wait for the player to land and detect when they do so)
        create an explosion of force 4 at {Bakugo}
        push player up with speed 1
        wait 6 seconds
        send action bar "<##FF5700>&lBlast Down Ready!" to player
        set {BakugoExplode2} to false

Anything helps! Thanks!

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Try using something like 'on step on dirt: etc might  take time but if you making a box or smh not a smp should't be too hard


or use on any move: & checking block under player


Also dont use {bango} or whatever it will be buggy rather use something like {cooldown%player's uuid%}

so each player got a diff cooldown to stop 1 player from using it which could stop all players using it


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