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Mobs spawning way above mobcap


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I am playing on a paper server on minecraft 1.20.2. For some reason, creatures and mobs continue to spawn even though the mop cap is met. what is the problem? when i do the command /paper mobcaps world, it says 2700/70, doesnt that mean that there is 2700 creatures, and the limit is 70? what is the solution?

ive looked through the bukkit and paper configuration files, and the mobcap displayed when i use /paper mopcaps world (or any other dimension) looks like the mobcap is right, but the value to the left is way higher and keeps increasing. Ive linked the files, let me know if you need any other files for more information. Thanks!


paper-world-defaults.yml bukkit.yml

the reason the mob cap says "0" is when i changed the values in paper-world-defaults.yml to the same as bukkit.yml


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Solution found:
so, for anyone having this problem, the culprit is the fact that mob caps are in some way based on the amount of chunks loaded, and the chunks loaded are based on the "view_distance" in the "Server_properties" file. lower this to lower the mobcap.

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