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Regret my purchase after they changed the ranks.



So basically, I'm pretty young, and a while ago I made the decision to purchase the legend rank, the old one for like $200 I believe.

Now it's pretty much useless, like wow, the ads aren't even clickable, no color codes. Nothing. I know it was a long time ago they changed to the new rank system, but the more I think about it the more I realize that I got scammed.

I'm not sure how long or how much I got to use the perks of the Legend rank before it got thrown in a trashcan. Is there some way I could get my money back or anything? I was only like 12 at the time of the purchase and it wasn't too easy getting the money for it.

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Anyone who purchased a rank 5 months before the change (March 14th was the update) automatically got a refund.

Anyone who purchased a rank 30 days before got 100% refund, anyone 60 days before got a 80% refund, and so on.

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So people who had it for more than 5 months didn't get anything?
I don't remember when I bought it since I was so small, I think it was like autumn ish? Could be very wrong.

But that's kinda stupid, I don't think I even had it for a year. For a 12 year old it wasn't really easy money. 😕 
So if I bought the rank 6 months before the change I got nothing?

Purchasing something for $200 thinking it would last for longer than a couple years atleast, if not more.

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