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Error with connecting to External Server



Hello, I am trying to change the IP of my External Server on Minehut, but each time I change it, it ends up reverting to the old one.


I have a server that I shut down a couple of months ago that I'm trying to revive and the server went off of external server plan to free, and now I'm changing it back to external server and all my old settings saved. However, I changed hosts and now my IP changed and it seems to be stuck at the old one. Even after changing it multiple times, waiting overnight and changing it to a domain and a bare IP, it seems to change back everytime I refresh after clicking update. I also tried relogging into the account and didn't seem to change anything.


I did notice that in the network section on inspect element, everytime I click update, a network request is made and it has a CORS error, so good chance this is it, just don't know how to fix it. Thanks!



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Hey there, if you're still having issues please create a support ticket from the email that the server is connected to.

You can create a support ticket by emailing support@minehut.com or by visiting https://minehut.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Report a player/server: Report Player / Server

Create a support ticket: Submit a request


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