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0 Tick Farms Broke



Heyo, a couple weeks ago I built several 0-tick piston farms for sugarcane and bamboo. The lighting, orientation, and redstone is perfect and they were all working fine before the October 1st update. Now, while the plants still grow naturally & the pistons still fire, the farm does nothing to increase productivity. I've browsed some posts on here with similar issues but none of the solutions have worked for me. Really hoping that they weren't patched out entirely, because it'd be a shame to rebuild all of them.

All help appreciated!

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23 minutes ago, TheRustySpud said:

Did you do /stoplag? If so, then you would need to do /stoplag -c

Never did /stoplag, but my friend might have at some point. As I don't own the server, I'll ask him about it. Thank you!

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