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This is how you disable commands


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I wouldn't run this skript if i were you. Commands are essential to minecraft servers and you could prevent a player from leaving the server with /lobby.

You could even stop yourself from reloading skript!

Instead, disable specific commands like so:

# change the command after "on command" to disable a different command
on command /plugins:
	if player has permission op:
		# nothing
    	cancel the event
		send "&c&o&lHey! &r&7You can't run that command."

You can copy and paste this skript multiple times with different commands to add more disability.

(I don't need credit either)

Edited by coshnaut

Moderate-to-beginner skripter

I'm currently developing an origins/artifacts server built around skript


If you want to playtest, talk to me on my profile page and i'll invite you to the club

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