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I need help!


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Hello, I am working a custom fortune function skript that only works on certain block but it gives me the item every time I break any block. Can someone help me please?

on break:
	set {_u} to uuid of player
	cancel drops
	fortune(player, deepslate, stone with lore "&7Its stone" with all flags hidden, "%event-block%")

function item(p: player, e: item, i: int):
	give {_p} {_i} of {_e}
function fortune(p: player, e: item, e2: item, e3: text):
	if {_e3} = {_e}:
		set {_e3} to air
		wait 10 ticks
		set {_e3} to {_e}
	if level of fortune of {_p}'s tool > 0:
		item({_p}, {_e2}, level of fortune of {_p}'s tool)
		item({_p}, {_e2}, 1)



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It seems that you resolved your concern on your own, so to prevent from unneccesary remarks from being made on this post, I will be locking this post ^^


Have a good day!

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