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Skript command arguments


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So I want to make the command /ad, and I'm using this:

command /ad [<text>]

This code works, but I need the server ip AND the custom message.

So I tried using this:

command /ad [<text>] [<text>]

The first [<text>] holds the text for the server ip. The second one holds the custom message. But since they are both text arguments, I cant use %arg-text% because skript wont know which one I'm talking about. How would I make 2 text arguments for 1 command?

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command /ad [<text>] [<text>]:
        if arg-1 and arg-2 is set:
            broadcast "&5[AD] &7%player%&f: IP: %arg-1% &7- &fInfo: %arg-2%"
            send "&cInvalid arguments!" to executor

you can use arg-1, arg-2, etc. to determine which argument you want to use.

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You might want to make the second argument a string and not text type. I’m not sure, but every time I’ve done something similar, I have always made the last argument a string. 

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